A.B.A Championships

Tim Taylor Champion
Paul Lawson Champion
Marlon Jones London Champion
Marlon Ward London Champion
Mark Baker London Champion
Steve Mcness London Finalist
John Green London Finalist
Pat Wright N.E. Divs Champion
Tom Cherubim N.E. Divs Champion

N.A.B.C Championship

Steve Smith National Champion
Jamie Branch National Champion
Trvor Andrews National Semi-Finalist
John Scrubs National Semi-Finalist

London ÔÇ£FedsÔÇØ Championships

Steve Smith Champion
Jamie Branch Champion
Trevor Andrews Champion
John Scrubb Champion

National Schools Championships

Ned Lee National Champion
Tommy Lee National Champion
Danny Price National Finalist
Peter Swinney National Finalist
Danny Marshall National Semi- Finalist



Steve Mcness England vs Poland
Steve Mcness England vs Russia
Steve Mcness England vs U.S.A
Steve Mcness England Canada Cup
Paul Lawson England vs Ireland
Mark Baker England vs Ireland
Mark Baker England vs Poland
Mark Baker England vs Denmark
Marlon Jones England vs Ireland
Marlon Jones England vs Scotland
Marlon Jones England vs Poland
Tim Taylor England vs Ireland
Tim Taylor England vs Scotland
Tim Taylor London vs Oslo
Tim Taylor England Canada Cup
Tim Taylor Stockholm Cup
Monty Wright European Championships
Monty Wright England vs France
Monty Wright England vs Russia
Monty Wright England vs Sweden
Monty Wright Stockholm Cup
Pat Wright Y. England vs Scotland
Pat Wright Y. England vs Ireland
Pat Wright Y. England vs Ireland
Pat Wright Y. England vs Romania
Pat Wright Sardinia Multi Nations
Tommy Lee England Schools vs Usa
Danny Price England Schools vs Wales

A.B.A Jnr Championship

James Branch National Champion
Peter Swinney National Finalist
Darren Nagel National Finalist

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