A.B.A Championships

Alan Coveley London Champion
John McBride London Finalist
Harry Lawson London Finalist
Ray Tabi London Finalist
Bobby Parkes N.E Div Champion

N.A.B.C Championship

Roy Rowlands National Champion
Steve Butler National Champion
Steve Brantuo National Finalist
Paul Lawson National Finalist
Darren Humphries National Finalist

London “Feds” Championships

Roy Rowlands Champion
Steve Brantuo Champion
Darren Humphries Champion
Paul Lawson Champion
Marlon Ward Champion
Mark Lowe Champion
Trevor O'keefe Champion
Dean Shields Champion
Arthur Measher Finalist

A.B.A Jnr Championship

Roy Rowlands National Finalist
Paul Lawson National Finalist
Barry Cross N.E Div Champion
Joe Weston N.E Div Champion


Harry Lawson Y.Scotland Y.Norway
Harry Lawson Y.Scotland V Y.England
Harry Lawson Y.Scotland V Y.England
Harry Lawson London V Glasgow
Steve Murphy England V U.S.A
Steve Murphy London V Finland
Alan Coveley England V U.S.A
Steve Brantuo Y.England V Y.Ireland
Steve Brantuo Y.England V Y.W.Germany
Steve Riley England V Ireland
Jamie Robinson England Schools V Wales Schools
Bobby Parkes London V Finland
John McBride England V U.S.A
Tom Marthalar London V Kenya
Tom Marthalar Switzerland V W.Germany

P.L.A Championship

Darren Humphries Champion

National Schools Championship

Marlon Jones Champion
Sammy Tokeley Champion
Darren Russell Champion
Jamie Robinson Champion
Dean Hollington Champion
Paul Lawson Champion
Roy Rowlands Champion
Marlon Ward National Finalist
Mark Tibbs National Semi~Finalist
Chris Humphries National Semi~Finalist

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