A.B.A Championships

Terry Barker A.B.A Champion
Tony Bowden National Finalist
Graham Moghton London Finalist
Gary Hope London Finalist
Trevor Andrews N.E Div Champion

N.A.B.C Championship

John McBride Champion
Leon Young National Finalist
Harry Lawson National Finalist

London “Feds” Championships

John McBride London Champion
Leon Young London Champion
Harry Lawson London Champion
Abdul Boukaris London Champion
Darren Humphries London S~Class Champion
Mark Edmunds London Finalist
Chris O'reilly London Finalist

A.B.A Jnr Championship

Harry Lawson A.B.A Jnr Champion
Chris O'reilly A.B.A Jnr Finalist
John McBride A.B.A Jnr Finalist
Arthur Mesher London Finalist
Terry Brooks London Finalist
Alfie Rothwell London Finalist
Kevin Mallon London Finalist


Richard Burwood London V Neirobi
Richard Burwood London V Macva
Richard Burwood Y.England V U.S.A
Richard Burwood England V Denmark
Richard Burwood England V Bulgaria
Les Stewart Y.England V D.D.R
Les Stewart Y.England V W.Germany
Tony Bowden London V Macva
Tony Bowden London V New York
Dave Horn London V Macva
Dave Horn London V Home Counties
Graham Moghton London V Neirobi
Moss O'brian London V Finland
Alan Masterson Y.England V D.D.R
Harry Hurley London V Stockholm
Menzie Parson London V Macva
Steve Riley London V Home Counties
Tony Pitt London V Home Counties
Darren Humphries London "Fed" V New York
Harry Lawson London "Fed" V New York
John McBride London "Fed" V New York

P.L.A Championship

Tommy Kelliher Champion

National Schools Championship

Patsy Maher Champion
Chris O'reilly National Finalist
Roy Rowlands National Qtr-Finalist
Arthur Mesher National Qtr-Finalist
Tony Smith National Qtr-Finalist
Darren Humphries National Qtr-Finalist
Tommy Killgallon Surrey Champion
Mickey Trott S.E Champion

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