A.B.A Championships

Sylvester Mitte A.B.A Champion
Dave Odwell A.B.A Finalist
Ray Tabi A.B.A Finalist
John Seymour London Finalist
Roy Hilton London Finalist
John McGinnity London Finalist
Kevin Godfrey London Finalist
John Waldron N.E Div Champion
Kevin Howard N.E Div Finalist
Mark Newman N.E Div Finalist
Alec Gower N.E Div Finalist
Steve Pegg N.E Div Finalist

A.B.A Jnr Championship

Alan Andrews A.B.A Jnr Finalist
Gary Cooke A.B.A Jnr Semi~Finalist
Alan Masterson London Finalist

P.L.A Championship

Gerald O'brain Champion
Trevor Andrews Champion
Tony Godfrey Champion
Amos George Champion
John Andrews Champion
Harry Hurley Champion

National Schools Championship

Geoffrey McCatty National Finalist
Steve Hodges National Semi~Finalist
Gary Cooke Middlesex Champion
David Barkley Middlesex Champion
John O'Mahony Middlesex Finalist
Larry O'Conner Middlesex Finalist
Alan Masterson Essex Finalist
Brian Nicholson Essex Finalist

N.A.B.C Championship

Tony Godfrey National Finalist
Sean McCarthy National Finalist
Kenny Wall National Qtr Finalist
Barry Godfrey National Qtr Finalist


Dave Odwell England V Hungary
Dave Odwell England V W.Germany
Dave Odwell England V Scotland
Dave Odwell London V New York
John Waldron England V Hungary
John Waldron England V W.Germany
John Waldron England V Scotland
John Waldron London V New York
Clifton Reece England V W.Germany
Clifton Reece London V New York
John McGinnty Y.England V Romania
John McGinnty Y.England V W.Germany
Steve Pegg England V Scotland
Steve Pegg England V Denmark
Kevin Howard Y.England V Romania
Kevin Howard Y.England V Ireland
Billy Joblin Y.England V Romania
Brian Bowyer Y.England V Ireland
Kevin Godfrey Y.England V Romania
Roy Hilton London V New York
Steve Larkins London V New York
Graham Moughton London V New York

London “Feds” Championships

Gary Cooke Champion
Barry Godfrey Champion
Tony Godfrey Champion
Sean McCarthy Champion
Kenny Wall Champion
Alan Masterson Champion

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