A.B.A Championships

Billy Taylor A.B.A Finalist
John Whitehorn A.B.A Finalist
Derek Hollyoak A.B.A Finalist
Tony Tacchi A.B.A Finalist
Freddie Knowles London Finalist
Maurice Hope London Finalist
Alec Gower London Finalist

A.B.A Jnr Championships

Frank McCarthy Champion
Dabs Edun Champion

London Feds Championships

Derek Hollyoak Champion
Frank McCarthy Champion
John Whitehorn Champion
Bill Butler Champion
Andy Demosthini Finalist

P.L.A Championship

Roy Hilton Champion
Maurice Hope Champion
Jimmy Flint Champion
Steve Larkins Champion

Mick Anthony Finalist

N.A.B.C Championship
Mark Newman Champion
Terry Phillips Champion
Jimmy Flint Champion


Freddie Knowles England V C.S.S.R
Freddie Knowles England V France
Freddie Knowles England V Russia
Freddie Knowles England V Poland
Freddie Knowles London V Rome
Freddie Knowles London V Hamburg
Billy Taylor England V Poland
Billy Taylor London V Rome
Derek Hollyoak England V W.Germany
Derek Hollyoak London V Hamburg
Tony Tacchi Great Britan V Finland
Jimmy Flint England V Wales
John Whitehorn London V Hamburg

N.A.B.C Championship

Frank McCarthy Champion
Andy Demosthini Champion

Euro Police Championship

Freddie Knowles Champion

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