To the casual fan, a boxing match looks like two individuals standing in a ring attempting to knock each other’s heads off with a strong hook. And that’s definitely a part of it. However, there’s a lot of art and science in pugilism. A boxing match is like the ultimate chess match in a sense, only you’re using much more than your mental attributes.

Anyone brave enough to step into a boxing ring needs to understand that it’s about the physical and the mental. And that obviously means that rigorous training plays a constant role in any boxer’s life. Here are some training tips that any amateur boxer can use to better his skill set.

Different Training Tips and Methods

Using the Right Gear

For safety reasons and to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your training, it’s important that you use the right gear when you train. Having the right shoes, A proper Gumshield, the appropriate head gear, and even the right bags will help you to stay safe and train properly. It’s going to be a relatively costly investment, but having the right gear and staying safe is something you can’t put a price tag on.

Practice what you Punch

Jabs, hooks, crosses, uppercuts – there are a lot of different punches thrown in boxing, and they’re usually thrown in combinations. This means that there’s always a chance to injure yourself. If you’re not punching correctly, you could dislocate fingers, crack knuckles and other bones in your hand and wrist, and even experience shoulder and back injuries. You should always practice throwing your punches through bag use and through sparring. It’s all about technique here.

Living the Proper Lifestyle

Diet and exercise is very important. You might think that training hard has you covered, but you have to live a life outside of the gym, and this means eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, staying away from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and other bad habits, and avoiding any trouble whatsoever. This obviously includes street brawls and bar fights. You don’t have to live like a monk or priest, but you should live right, keep your head down and focus on your training.

Developing Your Footwork

Unless you have the right footwork, you’re going to find that your boxing career is very short-lived. Footwork not only means the proper stance, but also the way you move. To practice, it helps to focus on your movement and watch your footwork when shadowboxing in front of a mirror. Practise this also when shadowboxing in the ring. It is good to get familiar with every inch of that canvas. Quick, stable feet are crucial in the boxing ring.

The Right State of Mind

There’s nothing more important in boxing than being in the right mindset to carry out the task of training and fighting. It was one of the greatest boxers of all time, Mike Tyson, who said it brilliantly when stating that everyone has a game plan ‘til they get hit. How will you react after getting hit? That’s what counts. Ironically enough, you can learn the “what not to do” by focusing on Tyson’s many meltdowns as well. Train your mind to be strong here.

Boxing training is pretty straightforward in terms of key principles. You’ll find that it’s the little things you do that make the biggest differences, so remember to focus on your task and to live a boxer’s life if you’re expecting make an impact in the ring.

In the beginning, Its important to listen carefully to your trainer and not to pick up bad habits. What we have covered here are just basic principles for beginners. Watch out for future blogs about more in depth methods and techniques!

By Tech Prastish Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd


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