This week...The Tyson Story and The 'Fabulous Four'

Moving on to who I consider the most naturally gifted fighter of all time, I’d have to mention the name Mike Tyson. Tyson had a certain gift that cannot be taught, it can be enhanced, perfected and brought on but Tyson had the ability to win a fight in a split second, naturally. The man behind Tyson was his trainer and mentor Cus D’Amato, when he met Mike he see his ability and also how lost he was and began to channel that frustration and energy into his god given gift, throwing a punch.

Tyson was well on his way to becoming in my eyes the greatest ever heavyweight when Cus died! This was not only an emotional bomb for Tyson but he’d lost the man that acted as the tracks for the Mike Tyson train. Although he became world champion at 19, the youngest ever heavyweightchampion shortly after Cus’s death I feel if CUS was still alive we may still be waiting for the Tyson defeat. He was unstoppable, he could knock someone out cold with a glancing blow, Lou Saverese for example. It pains me to see the now Mike Tyson, with all the vultures around him, pecking at the once great man to see of there’s anything more they can use him for (not the first time a former great has been taken advantage of!) , if only the father figure Cus was still around. Anyway in my opinion with Cus by his side, 19 years old, Iron Mike Tyson was the best heavyweight of all time, he was bigger, stronger, faster than Joe Frazier, he punched harder than George Foreman, Joe Louis never had that jab, that speed, Ali would’ve struggle to keep him off, he would’ve chopped Lewis down like a tree, as for the heavyweights of today.... but I stress that point with cus by his side! Cus was Tyson’s rock, his mental strength. Without him Ali would’ve got into the vulnerable mind of Tyson, Lewis was too big, toomuch for the older, vulnerable Tyson, even the British domestic Danny Williams took Tyson out. That was a sad day in boxing, so this proves natural talent just doesn’t cut it. You need the full package.

My favourite era of boxing was the times of the fabulous four, ‘Sugar’Ray Leonard, Thomas ‘the Hitman’ Hearns,’ Marvellous’ Marvin Hagler, ‘Hands of stone’ Roberto Duran. These four fighters were all world class fighters, legends, caught up in the same era as they would’ve owned a decade on their own if it wasn’t for the constant battle against each other. The greatest, and most furious 1st round in a fight ever, Hearns vs Hagler. You got to watch this, it shows two great fighters at their peak, won’t tell you who wins, watch it.

All four fighters fought each other, in my opinion Leonard was the best of the best, beating all three of his rivals, although he was defeated by the blown up lightweight Duran in their 1st encounter which tells you what a good fighter Duran is, I’m not 100% sure but think he held world titles in five different weights, that’s crazy! Leonard was a natural showman and his footwork and natural flare were his main assets, a very frustrating fighter, shown fully in their second encounter where Duran quit because of frustration. There 1stfight however Leonard took it to Duran and tried beating him at close quarters where Duran is most comfortable, hammering away at each other Duran proved to resilient and strong for the finely built sugar ray, great fight!

Hearns was a tall rangey, sharp, powerful man, he was dangerous. Hagler a proper super middleweight, muscles bulging, strong as an ox, very powerful and determined, Leonard was eye candy, probably the fastest hands I’ve ever seen, could bang for a little thin guy, unbelievable talent and mental strength, very clever. Duran the smallest out of the four but could punch like a horses kick, a bit crazy but great to watch, you got to love him, brave fighter. Please, if you’re interested watch these four and make your own minds up, there’s a DVD called the fabulous four.

Next Week...'The Best of the Brits'

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