We are introducing a brand New Weekly Blog called '10 Rounds with Repton BC'.

The Idea is that we ask 10 Quick, short Questions to any Repton Boxer, Ex Boxer or Celebrity that use to Box to take part, to get an idea of what makes them tick. It will reveal what Boxing means to them and what Boxing has taught them as a young man !

...We Kick off this week with one our most decorated Juniors James Branch. He has won 2 ABA titles 1 NABC title, 2 Gold Medals in The 'Three Nations' Championships and a Gold Medal at The Vestjysk Cup in Denmark !

This season James, at the age of 17, steps up into The Seniors as one of our Best Prospects !

James Junior is definately a 'Chip off the ol' Block'... His Dad, James Branch Senior won for the club, an Impressive record of 9 National titles before him back in the 80's.

Here we go, for the very first time...Round one of '10 rounds with ReptonBC' with James Branch Junior...

RBC  1.WHO IS BEST BOXER OF ALL TIME:  JB... Thomas 'hitman' Hearns

RBC  2. BEST FIGHT YOU HAVE SEEN:  JB... Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns, was a thrilling, entertaining war all 3 rounds it lasted.



5.WHERE WAS YOUR BEST FIGHT:  JB.... At the Liverpool 3 nations, both fights I boxed very well to win the gold medal!

6. WHO WAS YOUR TOUGHEST OPPONENT:   JB ... Michael Huges, my 3rd fight on the repton show at East ham working mans club, he was a lot taller than me, I was around 5 foot 10 at the time and he was about 6 foot 3 and he had already had 25 bouts and was older than me but I gave it my everything and won it on a unanimous decision!

7. WHY DID YOU TAKE UP BOXING:   JB... I started boxing because it runs in the family, my dad was a very succesful amatuer boxer, he won 9 national titles and is a big inspiration to me.

8. WHAT HAS BOXING TAUGHT YOU:   JB.... Boxing has taught me discipline, and respect to other boxers as I realise what it takes to get in the ring, and how much of  lonely place it can be!

9. WHY DO YOU LIKE BOXING:   JB... I love boxing because even though you have to give your life to the sport, when you win a title/fight you realise that it was all worth it and after you get your hand raised it is the best feeling in the world.
10. IF YOU DIDNT BOX WHAT OTHER SPORT WOULD YOU DO?  JB... If I didnt box I would play basketball or darts player, im quite good at throwing a dart!


Thanks James...I think Boxing is definately your sport.Stay with it !



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