...This week 10 rounds with Former World Champ Charlie Magri

I've known Charlie since he was around 13 or 14 years old. When Charlie Magri was a boy he lived just down the road to me in Stepney. He use to box for Arbour Youth Boxing club. Charlie told me once he always wanted to join the Repton, but out of loyalty to Arbour youth and his trainer Jimmy Graham he stayed at Arbour till he turned pro. This week Charlie Magri will be one of our Celebrity guests at our Annual May show at The Brewery, Chiswell st on Friday May 17th. I had a chance to catch up with my old pal Charlie to do a '10 Rounds with Repton BC' question and answer session...

Here Goes...

Round 1..In your opinion...'Who is the Best Boxer of all time' ? -  Charlie...Sugar Ray Leonard

Round 2...Name the Best Fight you have seen ? - Charlie ... the first bout on Feb 19th 2000, for the WBO Super Bantamweight title between Marco Antonio Barrera (nicknamed "The Baby Faced Assassin") and Erik "El Terrible" Morales Morales won on a split decision.

Round 3 ...Who do reckon is the best Fighter around today ? - Charlie ...Easy, It has to be Floyd Mayweather...A Boxing Genious!

Round 4 ...How many fights did you have as an amateur and how many has a pro ? - Charlie ...148 Amateur won 138 ...35 Pro fights won 30

Round 5 ...Where and when was you best fight ? - Charlie ...The Albert Hall December 1980 for the world eliminator against Argentinian Santos Benigno Laciar. I won on points over 10 rounds.

"I got put down in the first round but got up to complete 10 rounds and win on points...It was a great night !"

Round 6...Who was your toughest opponent? - Charlie...A mexican boxer called Jose Torres, boxed him twice at Wembley in 1982...I lost one and won the next fight against him...it was toe to toe in both fights...he was a tough boxer..typical Mexican.

Round 7 ...Why did you take up boxing - Charlie ...I was very small at school and got picked on, so I learned to box. I enjoyed so much, I stuck at it and joined Arbour youth Boxing club in Stepney.

Round 8 ...What has Boxing taught you ? - Charlie ...Respect and discipline. It also helped me to grow up quickly and learn a lot about life at an early age !

Round 9 ... Why do you like boxing ?  - Charlie ... Boxing is a one to one sport.  you have only yourself to answer for. No one else can get in that ring and help you. its self disciplined and self motivating. two important things you need in life as well as the ring !

Round 10 ...If you did'nt take up boxing, what other sport would you do? - Charlie ... Football. I loved to play football when I was at School.


Great,  Thanks Champ ...see you on Friday May 17th at The Brewery Chiswell Steet !

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